Baraja, the inventor of Spectrum-Scan LiDAR are trying to solve the most complex technological challenges facing self-driving cars

When Preacta was engaged to help Baraja scale, we were faced with a business and hiring manager community that was apprehensive, reluctant, and distrusting of talent acquisition and recruitment.

As with a lot of start-ups they had managed to initially successfully scale out their teams to align with the business’ demands for initial R&D build. Their challenge came in trying to scale their teams to align with the next stage of their lifecycle, shifting the product from concept to commercialisation.

Having tried multiple approaches including contingent recruitment suppliers and talent acquisition strategies, the calibre and the velocity of the candidates coming into their hiring process was just not at the technical calibre or consistency they required. This caused:

  • Inefficiencies across the hiring process
  • Disengagement across the hiring manager community
  • Poor employer brand across the candidate community
  • Business interruption to their product development and commercialisation objectives

Having initially started our partnership on a 3 month trial, through our re:search led and data driven approach, Preacta we have achieved some great outcomes through our journey together, including:

  • Change the perception of hiring and talent acquisition
  • Elevate their brand in the candidate community
  • Scale key technical teams
  • Make strategic hires into both local and international markets
  • Build relevant talent pools for Baraja to leverage off for years to come

Our key takeaway through our Baraja experience was to identify just how important it is for start-ups and scale-ups to get their talent acquisition strategy right, from inception. The right talent solution should be:

  • Flexible in nature
  • Scalable with the business
  • Deliver the talent required to push the product from R&D to commercialisation


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