Meet The Recruitment Team

Your business is only as extraordinary as your people.
And at Preacta we believe our team is pretty damn extraordinary!

Derek Macartney

Founder & CEO

Skim Cap


Watch Liverpool Win EPL

Kylie Clark

Managing Director

Skimmed Chai Latte

French Chardonnay

Swim with Whale Sharks

Anna Tabas

Head of Finance

Almond Latte

Gin & Tonic

Year travelling with the Family

Liam Connolly

Software Engineering Practice Lead

Almond Latte

Gin & Tonic

Watch Orca's

Rachel Exton

UI/UX Design - Team Lead

English Breakfast Tea

Cabernet Sauvignon

Scuba Diving at Truk Laggon

Chloe Haywood

Talent Attraction Lead

Flat White, Double Shot


Roadtripping the South Island of NZ!

Jamie Hanlon

Cloud, Security and Project Services - Practice Lead

Oat Milk Latte

Disaronno on the rocks

Trek to Machu Picchu

Wylan Ho

Digital Delivery Consultant

Flat White


Travelling across Australia

Nicole Esia

People and Culture Manager

Almond Cap


Dolphin swimming in the Bahamas

Prayer Zeogar

Delivery Consultant

Hot Milo

Peach iced tea

Travel all over the world

Donna Hughes

Recruitment Consultant

Oat flat white

Spicy marg

Complete an Iron Man

Dhwanee Mehta

Data Analytics - Senior Consultant

Peppermint Tea


Campervanning through NZ

Ross Kyrgias

Software Development - Recruitment Consultant


Pure Blonde

Climb Mt Everest

Lyann Luu

Financial Accountant

Almond Cap

Sauv Blanc


Adam Wilkinson

DevOps, Cloud & SRE - Principal Consultant


Balter XPA

Football World Cup

Justin Holden

Project Services | Agile & Digital - Senior Consultant

Dirty Chai

Beer - Super Dry

ike the Inca Trail in Peru

Lisa Pfitzner

QA & Testing - Recruitment Consultant


Barolo Wine

Scuba Dive with Manta Rays

Carmine Rositano

Back-End Software Engineering - Principal Consultant

Almond Latte

Gin & Tonic

Travel to Cabo, Mexico

Luke Thompson

Software Engineering - Principal Consultant

Chai Tea Latte

Pint of Guinness

Bungee jump 233 metres off the Macau Tower

Abby Bacarro

Finance Administrator

Caffe Latte


Overseas family trip to Thailand or Singapore

JP Bernardino

BI Analyst


Neat Bourbon

Watch the Milan Derby live

Cortney Moore

Digital Resourcing Specialist

Almond Latte

Pink Gin & Soda

To do a Bungee Jump

Danielle Ferguson

Office Manager

Soy Cappuccino

Gin & Tonic

Southern Lights in Tasmania

Galina Velas

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Faz Assir

Recruitment Consultant

Michael Morris

Recruitment Consultant