Founder Talent Program

By Founders For Founders & Talent Leads

We have seen it too often; incredible founders of potentially game-changing companies come unstuck or burn crucial funding because their talent strategy is wrong from the outset. It doesn’t need to be this way and is easily solved.

Through a deliberate program aligned to your stage of development and growth plans, get your Talent strategy right early on to enable you to attract and hire game-changing Talent that will propel your product and business forward.

Whats Included:

  • Plan now for future scale
  • Access and utilise industry-leading resources designed, tested, and successfully executed by global leaders
  • Regular facilitated cohort sessions in a confidential and safe environment
  • Dedicated onsite and remote Advisory and Consulting services across your Talent Strategy
  • Pre-qualified and refined Talent Pools relevant to your business
  • Tap into our partner network to access technology, tools, and advisory resources at partner-preferred rates