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Preacta lives by 4 x Core beliefs:

  1. Have The Courage To Explore
  2. Respect & Care For The Whole Person
  3. Accept No Excuses
  4. Passionately Delivering Excellence
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Talent Consultants

We have a unique position in the Talent Acquisition ecosystem, and we are on a mission to develop an integrated offering that is the future of Talent Management.

Through Preacta Talent Solutions we combine the entrepreneurial & innovative spirit of an agency, with the strategic application of Talent Acquisition, to deliver a proposition that enables Talent to have a more significant commercial impact in their profession as a practitioner and on the front line of our business from an impact perspective.

We have created an ecosystem that is leading the industry in Talent ecosystem thinking, where we are determined to elevate Talent Acquisition through the use of our research-led principles. Preacta are focused on incorporating the best of both worlds in developing our flexible and scalable Solutions.

We are looking for people to help us push the boundaries and challenge the status quo! If this sounds like a journey you are keen to hear more about and your values align to our DNA, then please reach out and let’s connect!

Specialist Recruiters

At Preacta our Specialist Recruiters are immersed in their markets and driven to build a brand and reputation as the go-to specialist Recruiters in their particular vertical.

With access to the most sophisticated tooling, research support, and the power of insights to facilitate their SME brand development, we are enabling our Specialists to differentiate themselves from their competitors and go deep within their chosen fields.

Investing into our people is a key principle for how we achieve our success, we are thirsty to continuously learn and develop as we evolve our thinking. Preacta Recruitment are always on the lookout for awesome humans, so if you align to our DNA, and are determined to become the best in your field, then feel free to reach out, and we will be in touch to arrange a time to catch up!