Meet The Talent Solutions Team

Your business is only as extraordinary as your people.
And at Preacta we believe our team is pretty damn extraordinary!

Derek Macartney

Founder & CEO

Problem Solver

The Tribe Leader

Loves a ping pong meeting

Deepti Sondhi

Talent Operations Lead

Control people's minds

Smiling assassin

I can play the piano by ear but I dont know how to read music!

Anamaria Macavei

Research Lead

Researcher, does all the work really

The Grinch

Loves Sourdough

Vini Botelho

Implementation Lead

Self-proclaimed Sourcing Champ

The Mailman, he Delivers

Worst footballer, has 2 left feet… he's Brazilian

Connor Murray

Talent Ops Lead

Unicorn Finder

The Monk

Make's the world's best Carbonara

Kevin Karam

Talent Consulting Lead

To foresee the future and outcome of anything I want to foresee

Kev, Big K, Kevlar

I used to be a Music Manager in London

Shaira Tiamson

Technical Resourcer

The ability to heal


Frustrated singer and dancer lol like a superstar

Michele Enriquez

Technical Resourcer



I love to collect coloured pens and to do it yourself stuff

Arrjay Rase

Talent Researcher

Atmokinesis or Weather Manipulation

RJ, reason behind is I have a suffix name which is JR, so my parents decided to reverse it

I can sing high notes

Andrew Pearson

Talent Partner

Time travel

AP, Ape, but honestly, call me anything but Andy

Former Tony Hawk Pro Skater UK champion

Gemma Fade

Talent Sourcer

Captain Mother-Happiness - I involve everyone and make sure everyone is ok and happy!

Fader or Darth

Performed in Jenufa at the ENO (English National Opera) when I was 10 years old.

Maria Pili

Talent Resourcer

Mind Reading

Mica – because it’s easier and shorter to pronounce than Micaela

I might know how to swim but I panic a lot trying to tread the water

Ariane Agabon

Talent Resourcer

Magical Powers

If you can't pronounce my name, you can call me Ariana

I aspired to be a fashion designer.

Kristine Benitez

Technical Resources

Time-travel and Invisibility

Kristine, this is my corporate name

I love scheduling my tasks and activities the traditional way – Journaling and taking down notes

Tom Ramos

Technical Resourcer

Mind Reading

Tom, Light bulb Inventor

Loves to travel just to eat

Justine See

Technical Resourcer


Just, Detective (I’m good at hunting down intel)

It’s been 10 years and she still hasn’t finished reading Orwell’s “1984”

Mark Abrajano

Technical Resourcer

Ultimate Persuader

The Chieftain

Self-proclaimed bowling superstar

Zipporah Luna

Data Analyst

Réka Papp-Bezzeg

Talent Partner

Jen Bannister

Senior Talent Partner

Jacob Robbens

Talent Director