Cutting-Edge Data Analytics & Research

At Preacta, Talent Intelligence is where it all begins. We empower data-driven hiring so business leaders can make more intelligent and strategic decisions regarding Talent Acquisition. Combining our research methodology with technology, our team serves as your friendly data-driven guide for continuous talent success!

Empowering Data-Decision Hiring

Research is the cornerstone of any successful recruiting and sourcing strategy. Our intelligent team of experts exists to provide the insights needed to identify top talent, assess risks and opportunities, and make strategic decisions about talent investments. Read more to learn how we put our Talent Intelligence to use.



Combining expert research and technology, our team makes it easy for you to make critical high-level decisions based on the facts. Using our data-driven reports, you can navigate and prepare for hiring spikes, changing trends, and future challenges. Our experts can create adaptable solutions for your business based on the newest innovations in AI and automation.



Looking to add expert research capability to your Talent Acquisition teams without adding headcount? If so, Preacta Talent Research is the perfect solution for you. Paired with your internal team, Preacta provides data-driven reports adaptable to your challenging requirements and hiring spikes. Our modern talent research approach utilises the newest AI and automation innovations, making us the most efficient and effective solution on the market.



Preacta Talent Sourcing is the most efficient, high-end way to source talent for your business. Using our research-driven approach, we build relevant talent pools and pipelines of the top 10% of talent suited to your specific needs. Our market, competitor, and diversity mapping services deliver unparalleled velocity and scale while maintaining the highest technical bar and candidate objectives.

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What Talent Intelligence Means for You

Our mission is to research, analyse, and interpret the most cutting-edge data in the market. Armed with this knowledge, we work to provide brilliant talent solutions for solving your most complex hiring problems. Our team of expert researchers will uncover and inform you of the emerging trends and challenges while helping you achieve scalable growth in your business.

Through transparency, integrity, and expert-level research, Preacta utilises Talent Intelligence to help your business maximise your talent acquisition efforts.

  • We’re your trusted partner for collaboration & dynamic insights, helping you transform the way your talent function operates and delivers on quality candidates.
  • Our data-driven reports are a goldmine of impactful trends and insights to help talent leaders gain a competitive edge, especially when new trends and challenges arise.
  • Receive expert guidance in implementing AI and automation across your talent acquisition process while creating adaptable tactics in line with your business goals.
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Find & Hire More Intuitively

Preacta’s cutting-edge Talent Insights and Research help you to find and hire the right kind of talent quickly. Our team helps you build out a process that identifies strong candidates and matches them to the best fit within your organisation. The result? A more efficient and effective hiring process built to last.