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Weave expert research and advanced talent analytics into your Talent Acquisition team, without adding headcount. Preacta operates alongside your internal team to ensure alignment, and our subscription-based engagement model makes impactful talent research affordable for organisations of all sizes. As your trusted partner, we can help you navigate challenging requirements and hiring spikes through data-driven insights.

How Preacta's Research-Driven
Model Can Elevate Your Team



Delegate tedious, time-consuming tasks to automation and AI giving your team more time to act strategically and engage with candidates.



Our talent research and expert guidance helps you build a talent acquisition strategy that is flexible, adaptable, and future-proofed for continued success.



To make informed, strategic business decisions, you need access to the best, real-time data. With Preacta, you can quickly pull relevant data and make speedy decisions.



Data is at the foundation of all that we do. This means you’ll be equipped with the insights and information you need to create a strategic approach for sourcing and recruitment with innovation and efficiencies built in.

Rapid Talent-Growth at
Carsales Case Study Example

Because second-hand car prices have been at a record high since the pandemic, Carsales’ Talent Acquisition team faced capacity challenges, especially regarding niche verticals like Software Engineering, DevOps, and Mobile. Carsales also faced difficulties feeding the top of the funnel, diversity hiring, and dealing with an outdated interview process.

After the pandemic, the talent market became extremely tight as many tech firms adopted remote work policies. The competition intensified like never before. Preacta brought intensity and brand awareness to Carsales amidst a competitive market.

Increasing the digital presence of Carsales, sharing more information, and leveraging from a diversified range of channels helped increase brand awareness. Preacta analysed Carsales’ messaging and measured its conversion rates on different channels. This, in turn, improved the go-to-market strategy for Carsales. As a result of Preacta’s guidance, Carsales differentiated itself from the competition and successfully revamped its hiring at scale.

Carsales partnered with Preacta and put innovation to work. Through the combined efforts of cutting-edge talent intelligence, a live performance platform, and hiring prediction software, Preacta brought Carsales more optimised talent solutions tailored for hyper-growth.

With the help of Preacta’s dedicated team of experts, Carsales increased hiring velocity, developed a potent digital presence, and put the power back into its hiring process.


Real-life Success Stories

"Casting a wide net for top talent through quality research and smart hiring is key to staying ahead of the competition."


Andrew Pearson

Talent Partner, Preacta


Create A Culture
of Efficiency

Using real-time, intelligent talent research and data, you can build an efficient recruitment and sourcing strategy that engages the top talent in the market and reduces the time it takes to convert a candidate into an applicant. Lean on Preacta as your trusted advisor to help you achieve success now and well into the future.

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Our expert insights and research-driven model make continued talent success a breeze. Schedule a call with our team to see how we can elevate your approach to sourcing and hiring top talent by leveraging research, data, and technology.